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Regulations for Bioplastics

Different Countries, Different Rules

Special Requirements

Many Countries Have Their Own Regulations

Many regions or countries have issued their own regulations regarding the use of bioplastics. For example, there is the EN 13432 standard which is valid in Europe, while in Asia they have own but similar standards - also in North America.

Further information on certifications according to EN 13432 can be found below.


Reduction of Plastic Waste

Regulations in Italy
  • Italy requires the use of OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified materials (acc. EN 13432) for bags, shoppers, etc.
  • Biobased content of min. 50 % and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification for fruit and vegetable bags is mandatory
  • From January 2021 the biobased content for fruit and vegetable bags must exceed 60 %

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Regulations in France
  • France requires the use of OK compost HOME certified materials (acc. NF T51-800 [11-2015]) with a biobased content of min. 50 % for fruit and vegetable bags
  • From January 2025 the biobased content for fruit and vegetable bags must exceed 60 %

Commitment to the Environment

Regulations for Single Use Plastics

European Directive “on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment“ 

Several plastic products will be banned after July 2021:

  • Cotton bud sticks & straws
  • Cutlery & beverage stirrers
  • Balloon sticks
  • Plates
  • EPS food containers
  • Oxo(-degradables)

According to the current status only natural occurring polymers are permitted as raw material alternatives for the above-mentioned applications.

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