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Colors and Functions for Bioplastics

AF-Eco® Masterbatches

Biodegradable Color, Carbon Black and Additive Masterbatches

In close cooperation with AF-COLOR, another branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, we can offer a wide range of masterbatches based on various carrier polymers such as AF-Eco®, AF-Color®, AF-Carbon® and AF-Complex®.

Our AF-Eco® Masterbatches are biodegradable color and carbon black masterbatches certified in accordance with EN 13432 or biodegradable additive masterbatches, customised and certified in accordance with EN 13432 upon request.

    Product features of our AF-Eco® masterbatches:

    • For a wide range of applications
    • Excellent dispersion
    • Free of heavy metals and phthalates
    • For film extrusion, injection moulding, etc.
    • Enriched portfolio with a broad range of biodegradable masterbatch carriers, providing the fitting base carrier for your application
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    Whatever Color You Want - We Have it

    AF-Eco® Color and Carbon Black Masterbatches

    We offer biodegradable AF-Eco® color and carbon black masterbatches

    • Certified in accordance with OK compost INDUSTRIAL (EN 13432)
    • Our standard portfolio already includes numerous colors
    • We also develop new color masterbatches – tailor-made for your application

    The coloring of bioplastics is gaining increasing importance, and is usually achieved with color masterbatches, consisting of a polymer carrier material and the respective pigments. AF-Eco® color masterbatches are made with biodegradable carrier polymers.

    The AF-Eco® product portfolio has now been enriched with a broad range of biodegradable masterbatch carriers, providing the fitting base carrier for each application. These new products have been developed to meet the requirements of every biodegradable plastics application and their increasing complexity, also minimizing the interactions with other polymer components of the compound.

    AF-Eco® masterbatches contain pigments certified in accordance with “OK compost INDUSTRIAL” and EN 13432. In Europe, EN 13432 is the standard that suppliers must consider when it comes to corresponding audits. The formulations of the AF-Eco® masterbatches are in accordance with the requirements of this standard which above all regulates the heavy metal content, for example for use in packaging applications.

    Our standard portfolio already includes numerous colors. With our certified color range, we can supply color masterbatches to match every of your special requirements. Even effect colors such as pearlescent colors are now part of our portfolio. Please ask for more information.

    Especially Developed for Mulchfilms

    AF-Eco® Carbon Black Masterbatch

    In agriculture applications, mulch films are used to cover the soil in order to suppress weeds and to promote the crops growth. To optimise growth and harvest of the crops and to protect the film against UV radiation the film compound can be colored into black with our AF-Eco® carbon black masterbatch during the converting process.

    • Masterbatch based on biodegradable carrier with high loading level of carbon black pigment
    • Certified OK compost INDUSTRIAL in accordance with EN 13432 
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    Choose Your Effect!

    AF-Eco® Additive Masterbatches

    The AF-Eco® additive masterbatches are also made with biodegradable carrier materials which are paired with corresponding active ingredients. We offer, for example

    • Functional masterbatches
    • Anti-block masterbatches
    • Blowing agent masterbatches


    We would be pleased to develop an additive masterbatch based on a biodegradable carrier material together with you, individually for your needs - also certified according to EN 13432 after positive testing.

      Plenty of Possibilities

      Was Your Masterbatch not yet Included?

      Have a look at the application examples of our M∙VERA® film extrusion materials or our M∙VERA® injection moulding materials.

      Find here information about certifications and regulations for bioplastics.

      Not Sure Which Masterbatch to Choose?

      If you are not sure which is the best masterbatch for your application or if you need help with product development, contact us.