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Biocompounds for Film Applications

Possible Applications

What You Can Produce With M·VERA®?

M·VERA® film compounds are designed for applications where e.g. industrial composting is an end-of-life option and meet current compostability standards. All compounds have a different biobased amount. M·VERA® can be easily processed on conventional blown film extrusion equipment due to their excellent melt strength. 

The products are also suitable for use in coextruded films. Possible applications are shopping bags, biowaste bags, fruit and vegetable bags, mulch films, labels etc.

Product Portfolio Technical Descriptions & Processing Guides

Shopping Bags

Fruit and Veggie Bags

Waste Bags


Disposable Gloves

Absorber Pads

Mulch Films

Your Application

Plenty of Possibilities

Was Your Application not yet Included?

Have a look at the application examples of our M∙VERA® injection moulding materials - or learn more about our AF-Eco® masterbatches.

Find here information about certifications and regulations for bioplastics.

Not Sure Which Bioplastic to Choose?

If you are not sure which is the best bioplastic for your application or if you need help with product development, then contact us.