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M·VERA® GP1012

BIO-FED Compound Certified as Biodegradable in Soil

The injection moulding material M·VERA® GP1012 by BIO-FED, a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, has been tested by TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium and has been awarded the "OK biodegradable SOIL" certificate as per ISO 17556 and EN 13432.

This biocompound is suitable for processing in injection moulding and can be easily processed by all commercial machines. It consists of 100 % renewable materials, is heat resistant to over 100 °C and has an excellent balance of stiffness and toughness. This compound is suitable for use in agriculture and horticulture and can also be used for coffee capsules. Due to its light color, M·VERA® GP1012 can be colored with the AF-Eco® biomasterbatch from BIO-FED's sister branch AF-COLOR.

To qualify for the "OK biodegradable SOIL" TÜV certificate, at least 90 % of the material must degrade into carbon dioxide and water. The degradation is tested by accredited laboratories under controlled and standardised conditions over a period of no longer than two years.

All elements of the compounds meet the FDA requirements for use in products that come into contact with foodstuffs. The requirements for other certificates such as "OK compost HOME", as well as approval for products intended to come into contact with food as per EU 10/2011, are expected to be met in the first half of 2019.

Since 2014 BIO-FED produces and markets biodegradable and/or biobased compounds under the M∙VERA® brand. As a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, a specialist for innovative customer-oriented plastic compounds, BIO-FED is part of the international Feddersen Group which has its head office in Hamburg.

The BIO-FED product portfolio consists a broad range of bioplastics compounds with different properties, such as biodegradability and/or high biobased content. The M·VERA® products are already well-established in a number of applications and can be used with various processing methods. In addition, all M·VERA® compounds can be colored individually – for example with the AF-Eco® biopolymerbased masterbatches which are certified in accordance with EN 13432. The AF-Eco® range consists of color and carbon black masterbatches as well as additive masterbatches.

In addition to materials for processing in the field of injection moulding, BIO-FED also manufactures biocompounds for use in extrusion, e.g. blown film that meets the strict legal requirements in France and Italy. A large proportion of these compounds are renewable materials (biobased carbon content over 40 %) and meet the requirements for the relevant 'end-of-life' scenarios such as "OK compost INDUSTRIAL" and "OK compost HOME".

BIO-FED will be at Fakuma 2018, at a shared stand with AKRO-PLASTIC and K.D. Feddersen in Hall B2, booth 2209, to present its biocompounds.

BIO-FED will also be at Ecomondo in Rimini from 6-9 November, 2018. At Plastex/MSV 2018 in Brno (Czech Rep.), BIO-FED will have representatives at the K.D. Feddersen CEE GmbH booth.

Meet us in Rimini

BIO-FED at Ecomondo 2017

This year BIO-FED will exhibit at Ecomondo fair for the third year. Here we will present our enlarged M·VERA® product portfolio which was specifically developed to meet the new upcoming laws in Italy, for example products with a high biobased content. In addition, products with a good transparency are included in our portfolio.

Ecomondo will take place in Rimini from November 7 – 10. BIO-FED and our distribution partner Febo S.p.A. team will be happy to meet you at our booth 72 in hall D3 in Rimini.

Come to Friedrichshafen and visit us from 17. – 21. October

BIO-FED at the 2017 Fakuma

BIO-FED, a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, produces and markets biodegradable and/or biobased plastics under the brand name M∙VERA®. The company will be showcasing its broad portfolio of film extrusion and injection moulding grades at the 2017 Fakuma. Depending on the requirements profile, these compounds are either biodegradable in various environments or suitable for long-term use and are either completely or partially made from renewable raw materials. AF-Eco has been added to the product portfolio to include biopolymer-based color and additive masterbatches.

AKRO-PLASTIC and its branches AF-COLOR and BIO-FED can be visited at the 2017 Fakuma trade fair on their stand together with K.D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG in Hall B2, 2209. We are looking forward to your visit.

BIO-FED adds engineering plastics to portfolio

Biobased PA 6.10 compounds

BIO-FED specialises in marketing biodegradable and biobased plastics. Until now the Cologne-based company’s activities were centred primarily on products for film applications and individual products in the injection moulding sector, with a strong focus on the biodegradablity of the products. With the M∙VERA® ECS product line, this branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH is now adding renewable resource‑based polyamide compounds to its portfolio.

Sustainability, biobased polymers and renewable resources – these are all important issues in the plastics industry today. In part driven by ongoing fluctuations in the price of oil, but also in an effort to reduce energy consumption and improve their carbon footprint, many polymer manufacturers are looking for solutions, along with the entire plastics-processing industry.

“PA 6.10 fulfils the standard definition of a bioplastic since it is made up of approximately 60 percent renewable resources”, says Roland Andernach, Product Manager at BIO-FED. Castor oil from the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinuns communis) forms the basis of sebacic acid, which in turn serves as the basis for the product’s renewable raw material content.

Unlike the previous products in the M∙VERA® line, the ECS products are partially biobased, but not biodegradable. Because a long service life of the end product is desirable in technical applications, and high material resistance is required, these products are ideal to round out the BIO-FED range.

Not to mention that the material’s carbon footprint is more favourable overall than that of polymers entirely of fossil origin. This is due to the fact that the plant-based raw materials have already removed CO from the environment during their growth phase. And since neither the seeds of the castor oil plant nor the castor oil extracted from them are used as food, there is no conflict with the food industry.

“M∙VERA® ECS claims its place in the market as a technical polymer, since it is characterised by greater resistance to highly aggressive media and hot water compared with PA 6/PA 6.6. PA 6.10, for example, absorbs approximately 50% less moisture than PA 6, exhibits greater dimensional stability, and has better cold impact resistance and an excellent surface finish”, explains Andernach.

From a technical standpoint, this material closes the gap between PA 6/PA 6.6 and PA 12. Yet the product’s working properties still correspond to those of a PA 6.

Biomasterbatch Portfolio Complemented

When it comes to biodegradable plastics, aesthetics matter as much as function. To meet market demand, AF-COLOR, a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, has added new biodegradable masterbatch carriers to its AF-Eco product portfolio.

In bioplastics, pigmentation is an increasingly important aspect. Bioplastics today are pigmented almost exclusively using color masterbatches formulated with polymer carrier materials and the appropriate pigments. AF-Eco color masterbatches are based on biodegradable carrier polymers. The product line has been expanded to include abroad range of biodegradable masterbatch carriers. Now there‘s a carrier material that‘s just right for every application.

“We aim to rise to the challenge of growing complexity in biobased plastics applications, and this is how we plan to succeed. It will allow us to minimise interactions with other polymer components in a compound”, says Dirk Schöning, Sales Director at AF-COLOR.

“Now there are virtually no limits to our customers’ color requirements for biomasterbatches”, notes Dr Inno Gaul, R & D Director at AF‑COLOR. According to the manufacturer, just about every color objective can be realised ‒ event pearlescent effect colors.

The biomasterbatches are marketed exclusively by BIO-FED under the brand name AF-Eco. Like AF-COLOR, BIO-FED is a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH. BIO-FED specialises in marketing biobased and biodegradable plastics under the brand name M∙VERA®.

Interpack 2017 / BIO-FED Targeting the French Market

BIO-FED is exhibiting at Interpack in Düsseldorf for the first time in 2017. The Cologne-based branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH is specifically targeting its offer to the new statutory legislative framework on the French market.

One consequence of the new energy turnaround law in France on 1.1.2017 was a ban on conventional plastic bags for fruit and vegetables as well as foil packaging for postal items. In future these have to be biobased and biodegradable in domestic compost. “We have expanded our portfolio for the French market to include several new and highly innovative products in line with current statutory provisions and specifically designed for the French film industry, and we will be presenting them at Interpack,” says Dr. Stanislaw Haftka, BIO-FED Sales Director. These new products include the extrusion M·VERA® B5024 and B5025 which have a high proportion of biobased raw material. Both products can be composted at home and are highly transparent, making them ideal for fruit and vegetable bags. The Cologne-based company will also be presenting its new biodegradable injection moulding products at Interpack. The BIO-FED stand can be found in Hall 9/G05.

BIO-FED and Plastic Agents, S.L. Sign Distribution Contract for the Iberian Peninsula

BIO-FED based at BioCampus Cologne is a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH and a member of the Hamburg-based Feddersen Group. A producer and seller of compostable and biodegradable plastic compounds, BIO-FED runs a state-of-the-art R&D department geared towards innovation.

This market has seen significant growth in the southern European countries in particular due to changes in legislation, so after successfully concluding a contract in Italy the Cologne-based company decide to look for a distribution partner in Spain and Portugal, too. “We’ve now intensified our existing collaboration with Mr. Barraca by signing the distribution contract,” says Dr. Stanislaw Haftka, Head of Sales with BIO-FED. This collaboration secures local warehousing in Spain so as to allow short-term customer supply within the Iberian Peninsula. BIO-FED hopes to be able to serve particularly the growing market of mulch films for agriculture with environmentally friendly products.


Key Account Manager for Bioplastics BIO-FED Begins Active Market Development in France

One consequence of the new energy turnaround law in France on 1.1.2017 was a ban on conventional plastic bags for fruit and vegetables as well as film packaging for mailing items. In future these have to be biobased and biodegradable in domestic compost. In order to be able to handle the growing demand for bioplastics in the French market and provide expert, on-site customer support, BIO-FED has decided to recruit a key account manager for this market.

The biodegradable and/or biobased plastic compounds specialist based at BioCampus Cologne/Germany has been able to gain the services of an experienced plastics expert to take over this role as of February 1, 2017. The new staff member has years of experience in the plastics industry, having worked for well-known polymer and compound manufacturers. He is also resident at the centre of the French film industry and has excellent contacts among processing companies. Working from his location he will establish and support the French market for the Cologne-based company. “We have expanded our portfolio for the French market to include several new and highly innovative products in line with current statutory provisions and specifically designed for the French film industry,” says Dr. Stanislaw Haftka, BIO-FED Sales Director. “We regard France as a very interesting and up-and-coming market for bioplastics, and we’re confident our products offer the right answer to the new bioplastics legislation in France.”


BIO-FED at Ecomondo

BIO-FED has already exhibited at the Italian trade fair Ecomondo for the second time. The trade fair, which takes place annually in November in Rimini, is the most important of its kind in Italy in the organic industry and combines various industrial segments on the exhibition grounds. The BIO-FED team met a number of existing customers, but also many new customers, and several supply contracts were concluded for the following year. Participation in the next Ecomondo in 2017 is also planned.


BIO-FED and Febo Sign an Exclusivity Distribution Contract for Italy

BIO-FED is a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH and part of the Feddersen Group located in Hamburg, Germany. BIO-FED produces and sells compostable and biodegradable compounds and has a state of the art R&D center oriented to innovation.

Since this market has grown significantly especially in the southern European countries because of legislative changes, the Cologne-based company decided to sign an exclusivity contract with the company Febo S.p.A. “With Febo we acquired a strategic partner with a long history and knowledge of the plastics market in Italy” says Dr. Stanislaw Haftka, Sales Director at BIO-FED. “Thanks to BIO-FED, Febo can better support the needs of a growing market every day more focused on finding sustainable products”, says the CEO of Febo S.p.A., Carlo Monti. BIO-FED and Febo are positive that with this agreement new synergies will be created and more opportunities will be taken from a market that keeps evolving and growing.


BIO-FED Expanded Market Development Activities in Italy

Mr. Alessandro Armiraglio supports BIO-FED since the end of 2015 as a technical service consultant in Italy and Southern Europe. Since 1st of February 2016 he has also been a consultant for the market development in the region. He advises customers both in the selection of products as well as the optimal processing on the machine. Mr. Armiraglio has many years of experience in this segment. Moreover, our Italian colleague Mr. Andrea Colombo serves the Italian market as a Key Account Manager for BIO-FED. He is assisted by Ms Grazia Aruta from the headquarters in Cologne.


BIO-FED Consultant for Spain and Portugal

Mr. Marcos Barraca Gutiérrez of PLASTIC AGENTS, S.L. Valencia, Spain, has been working as a BIO-FED consultant in Spain and Portugal since the end of 2015. He distributes the M·VERA®product range and the biodegradable masterbatch range AF-Eco and the masterbatch portfolio of AF-COLOR in this area.