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New logo & corporate design

All set for the future

New beginning and transformation

Why a new corporate design?

The companies of the Feddersen Group are introducing a new, modernized corporate design on October 1 of this year. 

The world is in a transitional period. On the one hand, climate change is more than ever a concern for politicians and also for individuals, because it is becoming more and more noticeable and affects us all. Thus, society is developing a new awareness of how to deal with environmentally harmful gases and substances in order to protect the planet and continue to preserve it for future generations. Structural changes are becoming more and more visible and digitalization offers new opportunities in diverse areas of work and life.

Just like Karl Detlef Feddersen in 1949, the group of companies today is facing up to the challenges of the times. We are introducing this new departure with the new corporate design. Already in the first logo of K.D. Feddersen you can find the rhombus, which has been used again and again in different representations in the decades since the foundation of the company. Now these elements can be found again in dynamic form in the new logo. Thus, a part of this symbol, which has now accompanied our group of companies for decades, is placed in front of the respective company name. 

Our old logo

Our new logo

We are well prepared for the change and want to move forward together with you on a future-oriented, digital path.

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