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BIO-FED, a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, is a specialist for innovative and application-oriented biocompounds. Depending on the requirement profile, these compounds are biodegradable in various environments or suitable for long-term use and can also be either completely or partially made from renewable sources.

The BIO-FED team are experts in the development, compounding and marketing of biodegradable and biobased plastics. Our experienced plastics specialists can help you with customised technical solutions for your specific application.

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Being Part of AKRO-PLASTIC

BIO-FED is a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH and belongs to the Feddersen Group. BIO-FED’s head office is located in Germany on the grounds of the BioCampus Cologne, one of the largest biotechnology parks in Germany. BIO-FED uses the production and laboratory facilities of AKRO-PLASTIC and cooperates closely with AF-COLOR, another branch of AKRO-PLASTIC, in the development and marketing of biodegradable color, carbon black and additive masterbatches called AF-Eco® masterbatches. AKRO-PLASTIC and AF-COLOR are based in Niederzissen, Germany.

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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Feddersen Group

As part of a successful global group of companies, we see it as our duty to contribute to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations.

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